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Patent Law


Patents 101:  Obtaining a patent (either a utility or design patent) for a novel, useful and non-obvious invention allows the owner of patented rights the ability to exclude others from using, making, offering for sale or selling the invention in the United States, or importing the invention into the United States.  HVS Value: Our affiliated patent practitioners have decades of experience in the fine art of evaluating inventive efforts and in preparing and prosecuting patent applications directed to obtaining the broadest possible protection available.  We have substantial experience in licensing and enforcing patent rights, including pioneering patents in numerous areas of technology.  We are available to oversee all related international activities. 


Many people have an "idea" but not the background to evaluate its viability, much less the ability to design or produce the product they envision. We regularly work with people possessing in-depth expertise in a variety of fields and can offer such to our clients. Our willingness and ability to do so extends to and includes those who come to us with nothing more than an "idea".

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