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Trademarks & Branding


Trademarks & Service marks 101: Trademarks and service marks are used to designate a source or origin of particular goods or services. Examples of such marks include words, distinctive designs, graphics, logos, symbols, works, sounds, smells or any combination thereof that uniquely identify goods or services. Trademark law concerns the protection of identifying symbols to prevent consumer confusion and to protect the value of identifying symbols.  The first step for anyone seeking to protecting their “brand” is to begin by adequately protecting their trademarks and service marks. 

Value Provided: Our attorneys have decades of experience in all facets of trademark practice and are available to counsel our clients in connection with all issues relating to the availability, enforceability, and registerability of some of their most important assets, specifically the trademarks and service marks under which they offer, or intend to offer, their goods and services. If your focus is branding, you simply must begin with protecting your valuable IP, specifically your marks. 

HVS Registers: We have successfully prepared and prosecuted hundreds of trademark and service mark applications, resulting in federal registration of our clients’ marks in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Through our global network of outstanding international colleagues we are able to oversee the procurement and enforcement of our clients’ marks in all countries in which they might do business. 

HVS Licenses: We have extensive experience negotiating the assignment and licensing of rights in marks, and in the negotiation and drafting of broader commercial agreements which frequently involve issues relating to the use and protection of our clients’ marks.


HVS Enforces: We are especially proud of our long history of successful efforts in achieving negotiated resolutions of trademark disputes.  We are also very proud of our record in the successful litigation of our clients’ rights in those instances in which a negotiated resolution, at least initially, has not been possible.  We are available to represent our clients in litigation involving their marks in all courts in the United States and in all involved administrative tribunals, such as the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  We have also successfully and repeatedly overseen and directed litigation involving our clients’ trademarks and service marks in courts abroad in conjunction with our esteemed team of international colleagues.

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