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    What is meant by a brand? A brand is a feature or set of features that distinguish one organization from another. A brand is typically comprised of a name, tagline, logo or symbol, design, and more. What is meant by branding? Branding is the process of researching, developing, and applying a distinctive feature or set of features to your organization so that consumers can begin to associate your brand with your products or services. What does trademark law concern? Trademark law governs the use of a device (including a word, phrase, symbol, product shape, or logo) by a manufacturer, merchant or service provider to identify its goods and to distinguish those goods and services from those made or sold by another. Trademark law protects commercial identities and brands by discouraging other businesses from adopting a name or logo that is "confusingly similar" to an existing trademark or service mark. The concept of “branding” is steeped in issues relating to intellectual property and more specifically, trademark law. We applaud and appreciate the renewed focus given, and importance placed on, branding in today’s business culture. We are not a marketing firm, but for over four decades we have helped businesses and entrepreneurs develop their “brands” by protecting and enforcing their valuable trademark, unfair competition and other intellectual property rights.
    We enjoy counseling and assisting those who are the owners, trustees, and/or operators of properties recognized as worthy of preservation due to their unique contributions to American culture. We work closely with such folks to protect the valuable rights associated with these properties, and provide guidance relating to the dignified development and implementation of policies intended to educate the general public and, at the same time, provide opportunities for reasonable revenue generation necessary for the property’s preservation and operation. Specifically, we are available to assist historic properties by registering and protecting their valuable trademarks and service marks, developing reasonable site use restrictions, and assisting in the development of educational and artistic opportunities, including licensing and location rights. Where appropriate, this includes the licensing of properties for use in films, documentaries, and advertising campaigns.
    We love working with entrepreneurs. No matter the stage of your entrepreneurial journey, we are ready and available to assist with business entity formation, clearance searches of potential trademarks and trade names, federal trademark registration, agreements with employees, licensees, and developers, all patent related issues, and, if necessary, enforcement of your existing and valuable intellectual property rights.
    We are available to represent our clients in connection with domain name disputes, whether such involve claims of cyber-squatting, contested ownership, or confusion as between domain names and trademarks or service marks.
    Opportunities are more abundant than ever for people with fresh ideas to capitalize upon creation of "the next big thing" through the development and monetizing of mobile apps. We are well-versed in the emerging legal issues common to app creation, protection, and marketing, including the protection of unique and desirable intellectual property rights. We have provided counseling and advice regarding issues such as rights of creation, licensing, and monetization.
    Over the course of decades practicing law, we have developed close relationships with clients and professionals possessing a wealth of knowledge and expertise in a wide arena of disciplines and industries. At the epicenter of this diverse web of connections, we offer the possibility of consulting, cooperation and even partnering between and among clients and experts. Offering this meaningful synergism to clients and entrepreneurs who might benefit from the experience of others with whom we have established relationships separates us from virtually all traditional intellectual property law firms. 1. A client has an idea for a new product or, as is commonly the case, an improvement on an already existing product marketed by someone else, but the client requires help in connection with the design, manufacture and/or marketing of the new product. Our experience allows us the opportunity to provide the advice, assistance or manufacturing expertise of an existing client or known and trusted professional to aid in transforming that idea into a marketable product. 2. A manufacturer needs to establish a network of distribution for a new or existing product line. We are available to introduce the manufacturer to a client or third party ready, willing and able to introduce that product line to the relevant market. 3. An expert in a particular field has advice, or a vision, of potentially significant value to manufacturers or vendors within a particular field. We are available to bring the expert's ideas and suggestions to clients and third parties active in the relevant market. 4. An on-going enterprise seeks expertise in connection with identifying possible new product lines to supplement or diversify its traditional offerings. We are available to identify a client or an expert possessing the market specific knowledge needed in order to suggest and evaluate new opportunities. Take advantage of the permutations of knowledge, skills, interests, markets and fields of expertise possessed, individually and collectively, by our clients and associated experts. Through the creation of "ATLAS BROAD BASED COUNSELING" the professionals at Hall & Vande Sande are available to assist those we work with to realize these synergies. We are, of course, fully capable of providing and perfecting the safeguards and assurances offered through the timely, complete, and appropriate protection of all involved Intellectual Property.
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