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Business & Entrepreneurial Consulting


Intended For: Businesses of all sizes and entrepreneurs. 

Value Provided: Thoroughly review and discuss a contemplated or existing business plan with the HVS team. With over four decades of related experience, the HVS team understands that launching or operating a business of any size without first considering the intellectual property to be utilized, developed, or offered by the business can jeopardize your valuable rights and be ruinous to your business.  


Equally dangerous is the planning or launching of a business which might infringe upon the intellectual property rights of a competitor. Even when done unintentionally, the effects on your business and brand may well be catastrophic. Initial counseling in connection with these issues will, in almost all instances, avoid the dreaded expense and uncertainty no entrepreneur wants to face when confronted with claims of infringement and other unlawful activities. Contact us to learn more about priority based and economical counseling in connection with these important issues.

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