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From publicly traded companies to family-owned businesses; from iconic works of American architecture to entrepreneurs and startups, we enjoy helping and working with a wide variety of clients.


Large and small; domestic and international. We represent all types of businesses in connection with all manner of intellectual property and all related subject matter including online, e-commerce and app issues, the drafting and review of all types of commercial agreements and counseling and drafting in connection with issues relating to who owns what of a business entity’s intellectual property assets.


Our firm's activities and available services have adapted to reflect trends in today's business world.  As individuals have become increasingly interested in, and capable of, launching their own business pursuits, we have spent an increasing amount of time offering guidance and counseling to entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes.  We appreciate entrepreneurial vision and determination, and are also aware that financial constraints may make seeking legal counsel from a larger firm impractical.  Every situation is unique, and we enjoy dealing with each particular set of circumstances to maximize opportunities for success.  


We provide both suggestions for immediate action and long-term planning designed to protect the integrity of historic sites while at the same time affording select opportunities and strategies for maximizing the opportunities available to those who own and operate these unique properties. 


We have an extensive history of providing advice and guidance to attorneys at U.S. firms who specialize in other areas of practice but who are presented with intellectual property issues by their clients.  In many instances we are asked to assist in connection with intellectual property issues by attorneys representing the non-intellectual property aspects of their clients’ businesses.  We welcome these opportunities and are completely comfortable dealing exclusively with the attorney.  Should the attorney so desire, we are also comfortable dealing directly with the client as a referral. 


Intellectual property rights vary widely from country to country.  Consequently, we routinely receive requests from abroad enlisting our assistance in connection with all aspects of U.S. intellectual property law, U.S. Customs laws, etc. We are also available to provide counseling and a full range of services in connection with U.S. litigation brought by, or against, non-U.S. entities represented by counsel in their home countries.

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